IP Protection

Proactively guarding your intellectual property by developing strong portfolios, proper registration, and providing years of legal advice.


Our attorneys have years of experience protecting intellectual property portfolios. Specifically, we work with clients to develop their brands that stand apart from their competitors, and file trademarks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, as well as file copyrights with the United States Copyright Office that support and protect their valuable IP.

Our representation is growing rapidly in the field of NFTs, blockchain, and cryptocurrency projects. 


Trademark Search, Trademark Registration, Response to USPTO Office Actions, and General IP Counsel

Prior to submitting a USPTO trademark application, we strongly advise our clients to let us conduct a thorough trademark search. A trademark search is basic due diligence before settling on a mark and filing a trademark application. A trademark search will help determine whether there is a conflicting mark on the principal or supplemental USPTO register that may create problems and potentially block an application from registration.

We offer our clients a first-class detailed and thorough trademark search on a flat fee basis, along with a detailed opinion letter on the results.  The client will then inform us based upon our opinion on whether they want to move forward with filing the trademark application. After we file an application, we stay on as counsel and keep the clients appraised as to developments with the application.

It is not unusual for Trademark Applicants to receive a United States Patent and Trademark Office Action that requires an amendment. Responding to an Office Action can range from changing a few words to drafting a multi-page legal argument. Our office has years of experience and success in responding to office actions, and provides them on a flat fee basis estimated on a case by case basis.

Trademark Applicants who do not conduct trademark searches prior to filing applications risk waiting six to twelve months after filing before being notified from the USPTO Examiner whether or not their trademark is registerable. In some cases, the application may receive a Section 2(d) rejection based upon “likelihood of confusion” with another mark, or an office action noting the application is unregistrable in some other way. Therefore, filing a trademark without conducting a search is not recommended.


International Trademark Applications

We also assist clients who wish to register their marks on international trademark registers by connecting them with trusted attorneys licensed in relevant jurisdictions. Contact our office for more information.


Copyright Applications

We also file copyright applications on a flat fee basis. We understand the value and importance of building a strong IP portfolio at the start of developing a brand or creative works. Every aspect of trademark and copyright protection is covered, starting with advising and conducting trademark searches, filing copyright and trademark applications, responding to office actions, and becoming a trusted ally and advisor for its clients for years to come.